What You Need to Transfer a Balance Online
Once you have determined which offers will result in the most savings and you are ready to proceed to a secure application, you will need to know what you will need to transfer a balance online. In addition to your personally identifiable information like your social security number, address, date of birth, etc., you will also need information about the existing accounts from which you want to transfer the balances. For those who are reluctant about submitting personally identifiable information online, there is little to worry about. All balance transfer credit card applications facilitated by the apply buttons on our website redirect you to secure servers on the respective issuer's website. The applications are hosted on secure servers featuring 128 bit encrypted SSL technology for your protection. When you click on an apply button, you leave our site and arrive on this secure application page. You will notice that there will be a padlock present on your browser to indentify that the page is secure.

After you fill out your application, or during the application process (depending on the issuer), you will be asked whether or not you want to transfer balances to your new card. Assuming that you do, you will need your desired accounts to be transferred complete with account number, creditor, and the amount for each account you would like to transfer. The bank who will provide you with your new balance transfer credit card most likely will have the address of your current creditors on file. In some cases, the address will automatically appear once you have input the name of the issuer. Typically, you can include up to 3 balance transfers with your online application. If you are dealing with large balance transfers, the order in which you list your balance transfer amounts may be of importance, so please use our Balance Transfer Tips section as a resource.

If you do not have theinformation outlined above handy, you may still apply for the new credit card. However, if you plan on transferring a balance to that card, you will want to read the new credit card agreement to identify the wording as it relates to balance transfers. Most issuers will still allow you to transfer balances to your new card and take advantage of the balance transfer perks provided that you get them the information within a certain time period; typically up to six months though the terms provided by each bank vary.

We have found that to make the process as simple as possible that you transfer your balance online rather than later after you have received your new card in the mail. Aside from eliminating the hassle of doing so later, many 0% balance transfer credit cards are strict in the respect that they offer the 0% rate from the date the account is opened rather than the time you transfer the balance, even if there is a window for balance transfer acceptance. Therefore, if you want to move your debt to a new account that you've identified as a savings vehicle via our website, we suggest that you bookmark or add us to your favorites and return once you have all of the information necessary to proceed. Though we cannot promise that the terms or even the deal itself will still be available, there may be new offers that yield savings.

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