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Find the answers to balance transfer questions or add a balance transfer credit card FAQ to our database that you feel should be covered. If you have a qestion outside the scope of balance transfers that is related to credit cards or credit reports, a member of our staff may be able to provide an answer. We do not accept questions about specific accounts as our website is to support and act as a savings tool for those interested in saving money with balance transfer credit cards. If you have a question about a particular open account, please conatct your financial institution directly.

Which is better, a no fee balance transfer credit card or an offer that awards a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers that comes with a transaction fee?
Ideally, the best offer is one that offers both a 0% intro APR and doesn't charge a balance transfer fee. However, due to the current economic climate, these offers are few and far between. Currently, Discover is providing consumers with a 0% no fee transfer deal but it's for a limited time. There are other deals with 0% rates and we suggest you use our calculators to approximate savings before you apply.

Is it safe to transfer balances online via
Yes it is. is a third party comparative website. Here you may compare offers, use our calculators and decide which offer you want to use to perform a balance transfer. Once you have made a decision, you may click on the apply button and you will be sent to the secure server of the issuing financial institution where you may submit a credit card application for the product you select.
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