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Our balance transfer Editorial Team is comprised of writers with backgrounds in education, finance, and writing. This gives us the ability to focus on educating the public in a clear and concise manner. As you read balance transfer and general personal finance articles from our contributors, you will notice that each has their own unique writing style and take on these important subjects.

Danielle Buffardi
Danielle Buffardi is, by trade, a freelance writer and editor who holds a Master's Degree in English and lives in New England. Danielle is also a writing teacher at a local continuing-ed school, a writing coach, and owner of PenPoint Editorial Services. In her spare time she enjoys cooking with her son, reading classic literature, and listening to 80's music. To contact or learn more about Danielle and the Services she offers, visit www.PenPointEditorial.com

Most Recent Contribution:
Credit Card Tips for College Students

Andy Kai
Andy Kai is a former banker turned freelance personal finance writer. He joined the Balance Transfer Test team as a regular writer to share the experiences he gained by working in the financial sector to help savvy consumers understand how to save money. Andy Kai splits his time between Chicago and Boston, is an avid reader, and is addicted to CNBC.

Most Recent Contribution:
Improve Your Credit Score In 5 Simple Steps
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