Balance Transfer Calculator Disclaimer
The savings calculated by using our balance transfer calculators are close approximations based on the terms and conditions of the offers presented and are calculated for the elite pricing values. The savings are also determined based on the assumption that you make timely payments, 100% of your transferred balance is brought to the new card, and that you do not go into default (which usually results in loss of special introductory rates and pricing).

The values used to populate the individual balance transfer calculators are fueled by an xml feed and refreshed daily to insure accuracy. The values that are used to determine savings are the introductory APR, introductory period, annual fee, and balance transfer fee. The balance transfer fee minimums and maximums are also used for even more accuracy.

The savings are not guaranteed as actual savings may vary among applicants and may only be truly assessed based on a hard pull of your credit report which will be performed by the respective issuing bank. This will determine your pricing qualification and your resulting balance transfer savings may differ based on your awarded pricing structure. Thus, results from tests that you run using our balance transfer calculator should not be used for the purposes of financial advice.

Balance Transfer Test, , is a third party marketing website for the financial services industry. Products, promotions, and offers showcased on our website are for informational purposes only and the owner(s) of the website may be compensated by the respective issuing banks providing information for those offers.

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