Credit Card Tips for College Students
By Danielle Buffardi

Being a college student usually means being hard pressed for cash. Having one or two reliable credit cards that offer low APR’s and rewards can help you to not only build up your credit for use later in life but being a responsible borrower when you’re young teaches money saving skills that will stay with you all of your adult life.

When you enter into college the credit cards companies retain your address and start soliciting you credit card offers. This can sometimes be overwhelming and that’s understandable. For some, it’s your first time on your own and everything is new and exciting.

The smart move is to look over all the credit card offers that come your way. Don’t just apply for the first offer that comes your way. Take the time to read through their fees and APR amounts and pick the lowest one. It’s a good idea to limit yourself to one credit card your freshman year so that you can get used to how borrowing, repaying and the fees associated with it are handled. Be a good borrower and pay your credit card bill on time and soon other lenders will seek you out, thus providing you with even more options to pick out the card that’s right for you. One of your main goals in obtaining credit cards while being a college student is so that you can begin building your credit history. Making smart choices when your young, like considering which credit cards to be a part of, can only aid you in your financial choices for for the future.

Credit card companies tend to offer college students fantastic deals so that they pick their company to start building their credit history with. The way the credit card companies see it is that if they cater to you while you’re young, they have a better chance that you’ll continue with them into your adulthood. This is a lucrative observation on the credit card companies as many people who have kept credit cards for a good amount of time started them when they were much younger.

Bottom line, being a college student amidst the credit cards companies today is a good thing. You’re fair game for any company to reel in so use it to your advantage. Pick credit cards that have low fees and good rewards. Pay your credit card bills on time every month and be meticulous in checking over your credit card bills to make sure any fraudulent charges aren’t taking place.

Be on top of your credit card and know its whereabouts. Know where it is at all times and don’t let any of your friends borrow it. Credit fraud can be a nightmare and there’s no need to carelessly bring it upon yourself so young. If you mold yourself into a responsible creditor when your young, you’ll have many opportunities for borrowing capital later in life when you’ll most likely need it most.

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