Benefits of 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards
By Danielle Buffardi

If you're looking for an easy way to save money when it comes to credit cards, choosing to transfer a balance with a high interest rate over to a card that offers 0% balance transfer rates is the way to go. Not only will 0% balance transfers help to keep money in your pocket but the ability to be debt free can reduce your stress levels concerning capital issues.

Interest Savings: depending on what kind of APR rate you're dealing with now on your current credit cards will determine how much you can save should you choose to transfer a balance over to a credit card offering 0% transfer rate. For instance, if you are paying 18% interest rate on your current balance, a switch to a 0% card can save you about $150 for every thousand dollars you've charging your card. Not too shabby I say.

Debt Reduction: this is no law that set in stone or anything, but transferring your balance from a high interest credit card over to a credit card offering you a 0% balance transfer, can help you pay down any credit card debt that you may have. It's not just saving you money part but also the ability to apply your payment directly to your principal rather than having pesky interest charges tacked onto your initial balance.

Stress Reduction: any kind of debt is stressful enough, never mind tacking on high interest charges that could take years to just put a dent in. And if you have your credit card purchase is spread out over multiple credit cards, the emotional level of knowing you have to pay numerous amounts down is enough to make anyone feel the heat.

Some consumers don't really realize the amount of their debt until they actually sit down and analyze it so, if that's something you haven't done them some time, now is the perfect time to start. The amount you owed your credit card companies may just surprise you finding a credit card that offers a 0% balance transfer rate for any amount of time seems like a real good idea now, doesn't it?

Credit cards that offer 0% balance transfer rates for any amount of time is something that can only help the consumer regain control of their finances. Even if you can grab six months of 0% financing, for some, that's enough to pay down a decent amount of the balance. The key is to keep diligent track of your spending and always be on the lookout for credit card companies offering their cards with a 0% balance transfer APR.
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