Bad Credit Balance Transfer Credit Card Tests
We strongly suggest that if you have bad credit and are looking for a balance transfer credit card that you do not transfer your balance online after using one of our balance tansfer calculators. In our opinion, and based on our six years of experience in this field, there is no such thing as a bad credit balance transfer credit card. Frankly, balance transfer credit cards are reserved strictly for those with good to excellent credit despite the descriptions in marketing copy that is provided by institutions that cater to those with damaged credit histories. If you are in a bind and know that you have bad credit and are crippled by excessive growing interest that is unaffordable, we suggest that you consult with a qualified financial advisor who may guide you with possible other alternatives per your situation.

Because our mission is to help people, not just by saving money with balance transfers, we currently do not allow bad credit lenders to participate in the display of their brands on our website. Over time, if we are approached by a lender providing bad credit balance transfer credit cards and have determined that the offers do not fall under our opinion, and our opinion alone, as being predatory, we will obtain the necessary information to provide the public with balance transfer tests for those cards. If you feel that you are borderline between bad and good credit, please visit to obtain a free copy of your credit report to see where you sit from a lender's perspective. If at that time you find that you may be eligible for a balance transfer credit card for good credit, please revisit our site and perform balance transfer tests.
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