Five Ways Credit Card Companies Are Attracting New Card Holders
By Danielle Buffardi

Things have changed for the average consumer. What was once a credit card laden society now seems to be shifting to cash and debit card purchases abounding. What does this mean for the credit card companies? It means that, finally, consumers are learning that spending beyond your means for things can cause one to fall into financial distress: credit scores can drop and mortgage rates can inflate as a result.

Credit card companies need to attract more clientele and what better way to do it then by luring you in with these five perks:

0% introductory rates on balance transfers. These types of credit card perks can only be beneficial to you. Is the interest free time to pay down debts, pay extra on your mortgage, or throw your car payment a little extra. 0% transfers are a gift from the credit card companies and should be used as such.

Cashback benefits. Cashback perks are right up there with ice cream; who doesn't love getting cash back? Credit card companies know that they have now begun to offer cash back bonuses when you use your credit card to purchase certain items such as gas and groceries. Other credit card companies offer their cardholders a certain amount of cash back once they've spent a predetermined amount in a certain amount of time. Either way you look at it, cashback benefits are sweet deal; take them.

Travel benefits. If you have the travel bug there's certainly no shortage of credit cards that offer fantastic travel miles you can earn when you use your credit card to make purchases for everyday items. Be a frequent flyer miles and miles that can be exchanged for airline tickets - if your frequent flyer - now is your time to take advantage of what the credit card companies are offering.

Student credit cards. Most credit card companies have tailored a card or two to benefit college students. After all, college kids tend to almost live through their credit cards so why not create some perks just for them, right?

Store discounts. For the most part, department store credit cards are not at the top of the card chain when it comes to having low interest rates. However, some larger chain stores such as Target put together some rewards for their cardholders such as getting 5% off every time you use your REDcard at Target. Even some gas giants like Shell are offering their cardholders a five cent discount once they purchase 45 gallons of Shell brand gas on their Shell gas card. Not too shabby if you're always at the pump anyway, might as well benefit from driving so much, right?

The bottom line is always to read the fine print before you sign your life away applying for credit cards. Some of these perks come with fees and some don't. If you have solid credit and are in the market for a new credit card with lots of benefits and perks, then the time has never been more to your advantage to apply.
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