3 Things a Better Credit Score Can Get You
By Danielle Buffardi

Three little numbers determine what type of rate lender will offer you, and that can make all the difference in whether or not you get approved for credit cards and loans with a high interest rate or low one. Whether you have immaculate credit or not, there is no denying that a high credit score will open doors for your financial future. With better rates on things such as mortgages and car insurance, a good credit score can be your ticket to actually saving money if you find avenues were low APR's thrive; especially in the case of qualifying for a balance transfer credit card offer . Let's read on:

Insurance rates. It's easy to forget that with the power of solid credit your side, the subtle art of negotiation goes a long way. And insurance companies are one area in which the consumer tends to miss the boat. Chances are that your insurance company pulled your credit score to determine what kind of rate they would give you when you applied. Call them and ask them to assess your situation and see if lowering your monthly insurance premium is an option. This idea works for car insurance, homeowners insurance, and so on. Put an hour or so aside and make those calls. You'll be surprised what perks await you.

Contact your utility and cable companies. Some of these types of companies run a credit check when you first start service with them. If your credit wasn't stellar when you first turned on your cable and lights but has since improved, then you may be entitled to lower rates and, in turn, start saving yourself some money every month on those already outrageous cable fees.

Better places to live. It's no secret that having more money equals an opportunity to buy a bigger house. Having a solid credit score enables the buyer to not only get a lower rate when applying for mortgage or refinance, it also gives the banks a reason to trust you more. With this trust comes more borrowing power, and that something most consumers are always after in the real estate market. If it's an apartment or condominium you desire, have no fear. Good credit scores can open those financing doors as well. Most landlords these days run credit checks to help them determine if a renter plans on paying on time. And you can't purchase a condo without going through the mortgage companies. Do your research and compare rates, most lenders are happy to match rates to keep their customer on their side.

Credit scores can be your Key to living better. You have the ability to blur the lines between the credit tiers and move yourself around within them if you have solid credit. Always stay abreast of what's on your credit history by requesting a free copy of your credit report from the three major bureaus.
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